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Dr. Novlett Jarret Davis,


My son Christopher was diagnosed with moderate to severe autism in April 2015. He was 3 yo. and it was a very tough time for our family. I reduced my schedule to half time to spend more time working with him, attending conferences, doing webinars and researching about autism. I really could not find any doctor in this area that specializes in the treatment of autism. Most treatment method seem to be controversial and some still in the information and formulate my own treatment plan. I went back to science and formulated a treatment plan I thought would work best for my son. Always bearing in mind, “First Do No Harm”.

Fast forward 3 years later, he is now 6 yo and 95% recovered. He attends a private Christian school, moving on from kindergarten to First Grade. He follows the regular curriculum with no aide. He plays competitive golf, swims, he is verbal and very social. He has surpassed my expectations in 3 years. He came from being Non-verbal, lots of stemming, echoing, lining up toys, no eye contact, spinning, hand flapping, toe walking, uncontrollable meltdowns; he did not even know who I was. Now he is almost neurotypical and he loves to have friends and talks a lot.

Many other moms started asking me how I got my son better, I give some recommendations to other moms and they have seen great results in their children. I am very passionate about autism. I see children in my office with autism who have parents with high expectations for their children and are willing to put in the work in with my guidance. I really believe these children can fully recover with time, patience and hard work.


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